RGV Rowing Club Memberships are now available!

We are starting the year with amazing deals, join our membership and be part of out team!

When was the last time you tried something different? We want to help you with your goals and make 2017 an awesome year.

All paddling sports memberships include Unlimited Paddling and Unlimited Coaching

1-Month membership —— $85

3-Month membership —— $199

6-Month membership —— $349

12-Month membership —- $499

This package is popular with beginners and includes all of the following:

  • Introduction to Paddling course
  • On and off the water training
  • Unlimited Coaching
  • Unlimited Kayak
  • Unlimited SUP
  • Board storage and Caddie to dock
  • Discounts on SUP ATX, VESL and LAHUI KAI Paddleboards
  • Discounts on Puakea and Lahui Kai Paddles
  • Discounts on accessories like leashes, railsavers, paddle bags and board bags, etc..